How to take care of a Baby Rabbit – Keeping your Baby Rabbit

  1. The main purpose is to clean up blood stains and keep them warm. The little baby rabbits will not be hungry when they are just born because they rely on the umbilical cord to absorb nutrients in the female rabbit. Do you know if the mother rabbit knows how to help the little rabbit clean up the placenta? The mother rabbit eats the placenta best.
  2. Give them a safe environment. It is best to raise the bunny rabbits and female rabbits in separate cages, which can avoid accidents. We only need to send the baby rabbit boxes into the female rabbit cages every day for the female rabbits to breastfeed. The first week after birth, Feed once a day and twice a day in the second week. You can give mother rabbits some cooked soybeans every day to promote milk.
  3. If the female rabbit does not pluck the hair on her chest, she can pluck the hair around the nipple manually to facilitate feeding.
  4. The baby rabbits with weaker physique should be fed first, or increase the number of feedings.
  5. You can give mother rabbits some cooked soybeans (a small spoonful, not more) or coriander to promote milk every day.
  6. Give mother rabbits more vegetables and don’t eat too much rabbit food. This can increase milk production and prevent female rabbits from suffering from mastitis. Pay attention to the hygiene of young rabbits to prevent them from getting “yellow urine”.
  7. The newly-born baby rabbits have no hair on their bodies, and they should be kept warm. The suitable temperature for birth to 3 weeks is 30-32 degrees. If the room is relatively cold, you can wrap the warm water bag with a towel and put it in the baby rabbit box.
  8. It is best to put a thermometer in the box to monitor the temperature because if the temperature of the baby rabbit box is too high, it will also cause The baby rabbit to die due to overheating. Also, note that the warm water bag should not be placed more than half of the box so that the baby rabbit can move to a cool place when it feels hot.

Hope you understand how to take care of baby rabbit.


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