Baby Rabbit Take Care

Its is essential for baby rabbits lover that how they are taking care of their baby rabbits. In this article, you will get a complete idea of baby rabbit take care. It is fascinating for female rabbits to build a nest. But a female rabbit locked in a cage cannot create a nest. You can’t see it anymore.

After each feeding, it is essential to help the bunny urinate and defecate to ensure digestion and urinary system function. Use a soft cloth or cotton ball moistened with warm water to stroke the rabbit’s front legs to the vagina until the rabbit starts to produce feces and urine, and keep touching until the rabbit stops defecation. You are copying the behavior of a mother rabbit licking her babies to stimulate their excretion (while keeping the nest clean).

The stool may be soft, with different shades of green and yellow. Be sure to clean the mouth of the vagina with a damp cloth or paper towel to ensure that no milk sticks to the hair.

The eyes of a baby bunny will open in about ten days. You may start to introduce hay and rabbit food, but vegetables and fruits are not yet available. Only leave some grass and rabbit food in the corner of the box so that the baby can easily reach it. Ensure that the main ingredients of the rabbit food are grass, high fiber, and no snacks (candies), such as dried apples or seeds. Don’t leave a deep water basin. The baby rabbit will quickly drown. Please use a shallow kettle and add it frequently. (Note: It is more convenient to use a drinking fountain. In addition, please do not wear prematurely. Generally, complete weaning in 8-10 weeks can ensure the health of the rabbit. Otherwise, it will easily cause intestinal problems.


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