Baby Rabbit Care

If you have a baby rabbit, it is essential to know some baby rabbit care basics to create a healthy, secure, and loving environment for the furriest member of your family. From diet to housing to rabbit proofing, the articles below will help you provide the best possible care for your baby rabbit.

Four points of care after the Baby Rabbit is born.

The bunny is the most prone to death within 24 hours after birth. If the bunny passes through this stage smoothly, the baby rabbit’s health is guaranteed, but if the care at this stage does not meet all the requirements, the baby rabbit’s death rate will increase significantly

1. Guarantee Colostrum

It contains a lot of nutrients and is rich in immunoglobulins colostrum. To ensure that young rabbit survival of critical material, after giving birth to pups, to check if by only eating colostrum. If you have not taken colostrum, you must let the baby rabbits take colostrum within 10 hours. Otherwise, baby rabbits will not be easy to survive.

2. Second, organize the production box.

If the baby rabbit has eaten colostrum, tidy up the delivery box in time to ensure that the environment in the delivery box is clean and tidy. In winter, check whether the heating equipment is operating normally and confirm the delivery box’s temperature.

3. Three, restore body temperature.

Suppose we left the baby rabbit in a low-temperature place for a long time after birth. In that case, it causes the rabbit’s body temperature to be too cold. The whole litter of baby rabbits is placed in other warm baby rabbits to heat up, and when the baby rabbit’s body temperature returns to standard feed again.

4. Fourth, check carefully.

After the baby rabbits have eaten milk, check the baby rabbits’ feeding status one by one. If the baby rabbits are not full, they must be fed separately, and each baby rabbit must be full. Before putting it back into the delivery box, check the flow of the airway of the young rabbits one by one every day to prevent the young rabbits from suffocating due to poor airway.


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