Baby Rabbit Feeding

It is essential to find a reasonable way to the baby rabbit feeding. They need a lot of fiber to help their digestive system work properly. At the same time, they also need a lot of energy to grow and avoid danger. Finding the right balanced diet is critical, which requires a reasonable ratio of fiber, energy, and fresh food. It is very difficult for breeders, but fortunately, there is rabbit food, which can improve the balance of rabbit nutrition. However, not all rabbits are fed the same amount!

When you buy rabbit food, please note that adult and young rabbits need about 20% fiber (fiber) food, which is correct to say that the fiber content is 17%-23%and 15-18% protein (protein). The rabbit food should look green and smell fresh.

Under normal circumstances, you would think that Baby Rabbit wants to eat the pyramid structure. So have you thought about it? Your rabbit food already has these elements. So when you start with nutrition, you will consider two ways of feeding.

Option 1: Rabbit food + grass

Option 2: Natural feeding (that is, fresh food)

Why is it basic common sense to feed rabbit food? Because feeding is for one purpose is to ensure nutritional intake.

  • The protection of fiber makes the rabbit’s gastrointestinal peristalsis normal because gastrointestinal problems are the number one killer of raising rabbits. Such as flatulence, diarrhea, food accumulation.
  • Balanced nutritional intake: protein, calcium, vitamins, and other issues must be considered here. Just like humans, calcium deficiency is prone to fractures and excessive kidney burdens. For example, alfalfa grass contains 3-5 times the calcium content of rabbit food. So the baby rabbit food is already balanced. If you still put a pot of alfalfa, it would be very problematic.

Why not choose natural feeding?

The principle is straightforward. You only need to make sure that a pack of rabbit food is genuine. Now you want to feed naturally. So how many suppliers do you need to make sure to raise your rabbits safely? Therefore, low-efficiency feeding methods are not the most ideal.

Clean water

In addition to high-quality pellets, rabbits need clean water. Unless there is enough freshwater to drink, rabbits will not eat.


In addition to pellets and water, hay is a treasured part of the rabbit’s diet. No matter what brand of pellets you feed, you need an unlimited supply of fresh grass.


When you meet your rabbit’s nutritional needs through the pellet diet, there is no reason to provide fruits or vegetables. They may be harmful to the rabbit. Any snack (grains, fruits, or vegetables) can destroy the balanced nutrients in the pellets. If you still want to provide these foods, dandelion leaves, carrots and apples are good snacks. Avoid light green lettuce because it can cause diarrhea.


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